Award Winners

  Winner Honorable Mention
Best Student Poster

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(2 First Place Winners – tie)

Gordon Tao, Philippe Archambault: Using a 3D hand motion controller in a virtual power wheelchair simulator for navigation-reaching

Maxime Robert, Krithika Sambasivan, Rhona Guberek, Mindy Levin: The role of feedback on cognitive motor learning in children with Cerebral Palsy: a protocol

Miguel Bernardes, Marco Simões, Fernando Barros, Miguel Castelo-Branco: A serious game with virtual reality for travel training with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Best (non-student) Poster

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Hicham Zatla, Amine Hadj-Abdelkader, Yann Morère, Guy Bourhis: OPCM Model Application on a 3D Simulator for Powered Wheelchair Philippe Archambault, Émilie Blackburn, Denise Reid, François Routhier, Bill Miller, R. Lee Kirby: Development and User Validation of Driving Tasks for a Power Wheelchair Simulator Thomas Schüler, Luara Ferreira dos Santos, Simon Hoermann: Designing virtual environments for motor rehabilitation: towards a framework for the integration of best-practice information
Best Student Paper

(sponsored by the International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation​)

Bulmaro V. Benavides, Navid Shirzad, Chai-Ting Hung, Stephanie Glegg, Erin Reeds, Machiel Van der Loos: Visualisation of 2D kinematic data from bimanual control of a commercial gaming system used in post-stroke rehabilitation Iveta Fajnerova, Mabel Rodriguez, Kamil Vlcek, Ales Stuchlik, Cyril Brom, David Levcik, Filip Spaniel, Jiri Horacek: Spatial navigation in virtual reality – from animal models towards schizophrenia Rosemary Gallagher, Harish Damordaran, William G. Werner, Judith E. Deutsch: Influence of cueing, feedback and directed attention on cycling in a virtual environment: Preliminary findings in healthy adults and persons with PD
Best (non-student) Paper

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Dagmar Sternad: From theoretical analysis to clinical assessment and intervention: Three interactive motor skills in a virtual environment Judith E. Deutsch, Jennifer Rothman, Bryan Barker, Andrew Grando, Harish Damodara: The effect of video game interaction on walking intensity: Preliminary study of young, older adults and persons post-stroke. Patrice L. (Tamar) Weiss, Michal Hochhauser, Rotem Rosen, Sharon Zlotnik, Eynat Gal: Simulating the practice of daily life social and vocational situations via video modeling