Platform Presenter Information

Platform talks will be 15 minutes each (inclusive of questions and answers). The timing allotted to each presenter will be strictly enforced by the session co-chairs. Please consult the program posted on the ICVR website to see the day and time of your session. If for any reason you cannot make the time you were assigned, please contact Judith Deutsch: immediately.

Uploading your presentation Due to the tight timing of the program, we strongly request that you present via the conference computer located at the lecturer’s podium. It is equipped with a computer that uses the Windows operating system. There will be a “speaker’s ready room” where participants can transfer their presentations (with the help of a technician) and it will be always open, even during the sessions.

All presenters at morning sessions should upload their presentations in the morning before the first session. All presenters at afternoon sessions should do this at lunchtime. There will be two computers with Windows 8.1 and Office 2013 available in the speaker’s room. Speakers may use one of them for last minute changes to their presentations while the other one will be used to upload the presentations to the auditoriums. Please bring your Power Point presentation to the Speaker’s room on a thumbdrive.

Mac users should save their presentations as a ppt or pptx file since there is no support on the conference computers for Keynote files. In exceptional cases, where Mac users cannot save the presentation as a ppt or pptx file, they will HAVE TO BRING THEIR OWN LAPTOP AND ADAPTER CABLE. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT CAN BE PROVIDED BY THE CONFERENCE CENTER STAFF FOR MACS AND PROBLEMS CONNECTING YOUR MAC. Mac users will be responsible for their own presentations. Please contact Judith Deutsch: if you anticipate needing to present from a Mac computer. 

Best Paper Awards There will be an ICVR Best Paper award (sponsored by Bright Cloud International) and a Best Student Paper award (sponsored by the International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation).

Demos There will be an opportunity to demonstrate your software/hardware provided it is non-commercial. We can accommodate a maximum of five demos at one time. Please note that space is limited to a coffee table and presenters must supply everything they need, speakers, projectors, etc. Demos will be held at the exhibition area, near the poster stands and exhibition booths. Please contact Roberto Llorens: if you are interested in reserving a space for a demo.