Podium Talks

June 20, 2017

Session 1 - Pediatrics
Using a Virtual Supermarket to promote independent functioning among adolescents with Autism Spectrum DisorderLiron Lamash, Evelyne Klinger, Naomi Josman
Software with Biofeedback to Assist People with Down SyndromeDione Lima, Marcus Sousa, Rafaela Araujo, Juliana Hannum, Talles Barbosa
Is children's motor learning of a postural reaching task enhanced by practice in a virtual environment?Danielle Levac, Bojan Jovanovic
The effects of haptic-virtual reality game therapy on brain-motor coordination for children with hemiplegia: A pilot studyMohammed ELSAEH, Philippe Pudlo, Mohamed DJEMAI, Mohamed BOURI, Andre Thevenon, Isabelle Heymann
Session 2 - Training & Transfer
Discussion about functionalities of the Virtual Fauteuil simulator for wheelchair training environmentFranck Pouvrasseau, Eric Monacelli, Sebastien Charles
Enhancing clinical implementation of virtual reality: An evidence-based perspective and call to actionStephanie Glegg, Danielle Levac
Gaitzilla: Exploring the Effect of Embodying a Giant Monster on Lower Limb Kinematics and Time PerceptionPhilippe Charbonneau, Sharif Shahnewaz, Imtiaz Arafat, Tanvir Irfan, Gayani Samaraweera, Mikael Dallaire-Côté, Sara Saint-Pierre Côté, Neila Mezghani, John Quarles, David R. Labbe
Gait adaptation to conflictive visual flow in virtual environmentsDesiderio Cano Porras, Rivka Inzelberg, Gabriel Zeilig, Meir Plotnik
Session 3 - Stroke - Gait and Balance
The Effects of a Robot-controlled Haptic Leash Compared with an Instrumented Cane on Gait and Posture in Post-Stroke and Older AdultsGianluca Sorrento
Virtual environments to assess perceptuomotor factors that influence obstacle circumvention in the post-stroke populationAnuja Darekar, Anouk Lamontagne, Joyce Fung
Participation outcomes differed between video game-based balance training and standard of care training: Pilot clinical trialJudith Deutsch, Phyllis Guarrera-Bowlby, Michal Kafri
Session 4 - Assessment
Immersive trail making: Construct validity of an ecological neuropsychological testMeir Plotnik, Glen M. Doniger, Yotam Bahat, Amihai Gottleib, Oran Ben Gal, Evyatar Arad, Lotem Kribus Shmiel, Shani Kimel Naor, Michal Beeri, Gabi Zeilig
Full-Body Reaching Assessment of Fitts' Law in a Virtual EnvironmentSamuel Leitkam, Megan Applegate, James Thomas
An Oculus Platform to Measure Sensory Integration for Postural Control in Patients with Vestibular DysfunctionAnat Lubetzky, Bryan Hujsak, Erinn Kary, Helene Darmanin, Ken Perlin
Sport-specific Virtual Reality to Identify Profiles of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Risk During Unanticipated CuttingAdam Kiefer, Christopher DiCesare, Scott Bonnette, Katie Kitchen, Brooke Gadd, Michael Riley, Staci Thomas, Kim Barber Foss, Paula Silva, Gregory Myer


June 21, 2017

Session 5 - Older Adults
Executive Functions in Young and Older Adults while Performing a Shopping Task within a Real and Similar Virtual EnvironmentRachel Kizony, Baili Segal, Patrice L. (Tamar) Weiss, Samir Sangani, Joyce Fung
Effect of aging, mixed reality and dual task prioritization on texting while walkingTal Krasovsky, Patrice L. (Tamar) Weiss, Rachel Kizony
A preliminary study of the integration of specially developed serious games in the treatment of hospitalized aged patientsBruno Bonnechére, Mélissa Van Vooren, Christophe Berlemont, Sandra De Breucker, Serge Van Sint Jan, Veronique Feipel, Bart Jansen
Music-based Assistive Feedback System for the Exploration of Virtual Environments in Individuals with DementiaLuis Duarte Andrade Ferreira, Monica Cameiro, Sergi Bermudez i Badia
Session 6 - Cognitive Rehabilitation After Brain Injury
Engagement with a Virtual Clinician Encourages Gesture Usage in Speakers with AphasiaSara Snell, Nadine Martin, Emily Keshner
Motion-based virtual reality cognitive training targeting executive functions in acquired brain injury community-dwelling individuals: a feasibility and initial efficacy pilotGili Shochat, Sivan Maoz, Alit Stark-Inbar, Barak Blumenfeld, Debbie Rand, Son Preminger, Yaron Sacher
Virtual Reality with Customized Positive Stimuli in a Cognitive-Motor Rehabilitation Task - A feasibility study with subacute stroke patients with mild cognitive impairmentMonica Cameiro, Fabio Pereira, Sergi Bermudez i Badia
Let's do groceries - a novel virtual assessment for post-stroke unilateral spatial neglect - effects of virtual scene complexity and knowledge translation initiativesTatiana Ogourtsova, Philippe S. Archambault, Anouk Lamontagne
Session 7 - Upper Limb - Stroke
Early versus delayed VR-Based hand training in persons with acute strokeGerard Fluet, Jigna Patel, Qinyin Qiu, Mathew Yarossi, Sergei Adamovich, Alma Merians, Eugene Tunik
A transcranial direct current stimulation-enhanced virtual reality-based closed-loop intervention on upper limb function in chronic stroke survivors with severe hemiparesis - A feasibility studyRoberto Llorens, Adrian Borrego, Jorge Latorre, Mariano Alcañiz, Carolina Colomer, Enrique Noé
Virtual reality and non-invasive brain stimulation in stroke: how effective is their combination for upper limb motor improvement?Sandeep Subramanian, Shreya Prasanna
Session 7 - Upper Limb - Other
Strength Training of the Upper Extremity in Virtual Reality with an Exokeleton RobotVerena Klamroth-Marganska, Kilian Baur, Aniket Nagle, Robert Riener, Marco Toigo
Muscle Synergy of Biceps Brachii and Online Classification of Upper-limb PostureLiang He, Pierre A. Mathieu
Increasing Motivation, Effort and Performance through Game-Based Rehabilitation for Upper Limb Myoelectric Prosthesis ControlCosima Prahm, Ivan Vujaklija, Fares Kayali, Agnes Sturma, Oskar Aszmann


June 22, 2017

Session 8 - Virtual Environments
A novel approach to integrate VR exer-games for stroke rehabilitation: Evaluating the implementation of a "games room"Claire Perez, Philippe Archambault, Franceen Kaizer, Joyce Fung,
Development of a novel visuomotor integration paradigm by integrating a virtual environment with mobile eye-tracking and motion-capture systemsHaylie Miller, Nicoleta Bugnariu, Rita Patterson, Indika Wijayasinghe,
Virtual haptic training compared with a conventional exercise for the improvement of upper limb gross motor skillsMilton H. Arango, Alejandro Mej'a, Carlos F. Rengifo, Diego E. Guzman, Jeronimo Londono
The Impact of Visual Experience on the Transfer of Spatial Knowledge Between Real and Virtual Mazes via Sensory SubstitutionDaniel-Robert Chebat, Shachar Maidenbaum, Amir Amedi
Simulating the Experience of Home EnvironmentsKevin Ponto, Ross Tredinnick, Gail Casper