Travel Info

Venue Information:

  • The venue for the workshops and conference is the New Residence Hall, 3625 Ave. Du Parc, Montreal.
  • The opening reception will be held on June 19, from 6 to 9 PM, at the Redpath Museum, McGill University, 859 rue Sherbrooke Ouest.
  • The banquet dinner will take place on June 21 at Terrasses Bonsecours, at 364 Rue de la Commune

A map of all the venues is available here:


Hotel Information:

ICVR 2017 has negotiated special rates with the following hotels.

1) New Residence Hall

  • The New Residence Hall, where the conference will take place, is also a student residence offering hotel accommodation in the summer. Rooms are small and clean. Many have been renovated in the past two years. The ICVR rates are as follows:
    • Singles and doubles: $124
    • Triples: $140
    • Quads: $155
  • Breakfast is included
  • All rates are in Canadian $ and do not include sales taxes (currently 15%)
  • Reservations can be made by email (, phone (+1 514-398-5200) or fax (+1 514-398-4521)
  • Please mention ICVR 2017 or folio number 1060919 to benefit from the discounted rate.

2) Hilton Garden Inn

  • The Hilton Garden Inn is located at 500m from the conference venue
  • This hotel is offering a 15% discount to ICVR attendees
  • To benefit from the discounted rate, reservations should be made by phone at +1 514-840-0010
  • Please mention McGill University to benefit from the discounted rate.

3) Other nearby hotels


Arrival in Montreal:

  • Montreal’s international flights arrive at Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport ( It is located 13 miles (21 km) west of the city.
  • The 747 bus runs all day and night, with departures every 7-20 minutes. The fare is $9.00, including free access to the metro and bus networks for 24 hours.
  • Taxis charge a fixed rate of $40.00 between the airport and downtown destinations in Montreal


Travel within Montreal 


What languages are spoken in Montreal?

While French is the official language of Quebec, English is widely spoken in Montreal. You will hear and you can use both languages on the street and during service (e.g. restaurants, hotels, etc.).


What travel documents do I need to get to the 2017 ICVR?

You must have a valid passport, and in some cases, you may need a visa. To find out more, visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada Web site. If you are an American citizen, please note that there are new requirements in effect for all United States nationals returning home. For more information, consult the U.S. Department of State Web site. For details on what you are allowed to bring in your baggage (gifts, merchandise, etc.), go to: Canada Border Services Agency


What is the weather typically like in Montreal in June? 

June is one the most beautiful months to be in Montreal. The average June temperature in Montreal is 19.3ºC / 67ºF The last days of June in Montreal are known to be humid, and on those days it can feel more like 40ºC (104ºF).


What numbers do I need to call in case of emergency? 

911 is the emergency number in Montreal, free from pay phones, and available in both French and English. 
Poison Control Center: 1-800-463-5060

Info-Sante (non-urgent health professionals): 811


What electrical current is used in Canada? 

Canada uses 120 volts/60 cycles (same as the US).


What is the custom for tipping in Montreal?

  • Service tipping is not included in restaurants, and 15%+ is customary.
  • Taxi drivers are also generally tipped 15%+
  • Bellhops, porters, and doormen are generally tipped at least $1 per bag or other similar services.


What time zone is Montreal in?

Montreal uses Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on the second Sunday of March and returns to Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the first Sunday of November.


Where can I find information on currency and exchange rates?

Canada uses the Canadian dollar (CDN). You can access the Bank of Canada’s daily currency converter at this page.



Since 2016, it is prohibited to smoke in all public areas.