Download complete workshop abstracts here (PDF)

Workshop Program, Monday, June 19

Morning workshops

  • Klinger E, Josman N. Simulated activities of daily living in cognitive rehabilitation: Contributions and outlook for the future.
  • Deutsch J, Bermúdez i Badia S, Llorens R. Open Rehabilitation Initiative: Community to Share Virtual Environments and Serious Games.

Afternoon Workshops

  • Kahiry D, Kizony R, Fillion B, Michaud F, Beaulieu Y, Weiss PL, Tousignant M. From telerehabilitation design to implementation: What does research and clinical practice tell us?
  • Bouchard S. Treating complex anxiety-related disorders with virtual reality: Evidence for best practices.


Workshop Program, Thursday, June 22

Afternoon Workshops
  • Subramanian S, Bugnariu N, Sveistrup H, Miller H. Application of virtual reality (VR) technology as a tool in rehabilitation – A bird’s eye view.
  • Sessoms PH, Rábago CA, Pruziner AL. Using Virtual Reality‐Based Assessment and Treatment Interventions for Injured Military Service Members and Veterans.