General Program

NOTE: This is the final program but recheck occasionally as unanticipated changes may occur.

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Sunday, July 21, 2019
Workshops (click  here for details)

9:30 AM – 12:30 PM Conference Center
(Health Professions
Building, Tel-Aviv University)
Workshop 1a
Virtual Environments to Evaluate and Treat Cognitive
Deficits in Everyday Function

Evelyne Klinger | Naomi Josman
  Conference Center
(Health Professions
Building, Tel-Aviv University)
Workshop 1b
The Role of Mental Imagery in Virtual Rehabilitation
Eric Franklin | Amit Abraham
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Conference Center
(Health Professions
Building, Tel-Aviv University)
Workshop 2a
Use of Touchscreen Devices as a Tool for Assessment
and Treatment (Given In Hebrew Only)

Alexandra Daniel Saad | Orit Greenstein | Noa Givon Shaham
  Sheba Medical Center Workshop 2b
Use of Virtual Reality Technologies in Basic & Clinical
Science Research

Meir Plotnik | Glen Doniger | et al


Monday, July 22, 2019

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Registration
9:00 AM – 9:30 AM Opening Remarks
Rachel Kizony | Debbie Rand | Itzhak (Tsaki) Siev-Ner | Fadil Salih
9:30 AM – 10:30AM Keynote 1: Prof. Vincent Haywаrd
Chair: Joyce Fung
  Tactile Mechanics as the Foundation of the Somatosensory Function: New Opportunities for Applications of Human Machines Interfaces, Accessibility, and Rehabilitation
Prof. Vincent Haywаrd | Professor, Sorbonne Université, Paris
10:30 AM – 11:00 AM Break
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Session on Gaming – Stroke
Chairs: Sergi Badia i Bermudez | Orit Elion
(Paper) 1. Custom Game Paced Video Games Played by Persons Post-Stroke Have Comparable Exercise Intensity but Higher Accuracy, Greater Enjoyment and Less Effort than Off-The-Shelf Game
Judith Deutsch | Brittany Hoehlein | Marisa Priolo | Joshua Pacifico | Harish Damodaran | Urska Puh
 (Paper) 2. Playing Self-Paced Video Games Requires the Same Energy Expenditure but is more Enjoyable and Less Effortful than Standard of Care Activities
Aurora James-Palmer | Urska Puh | Harish Damodaran | Essie Kim | Phyllis Bowlby | Judith E Deutsch
 (Paper) 3. Impact of Game Mode on Engagement and Social Involvement in Multi-User Serious Games with Stroke Patients
Fábio Pereira | Sergi Bermúdez i Badia | Carolina Jorge | Mónica da Silva Cameirão
 (Paper) 4. Novel Gamified System for Post-Stroke Upper-Limb Rehabilitation using a Social Robot: Focus Groups of Expert Clinicians
Ronit Feingold Polak | Ariel Bistritsky | Yair Gozlan | Shelly Levy-Tzedek
12:00 PM – 1:15 PM Lunch (ISVR Annual General Meeting)
Chair: Sergi Badia i Bermudez
1:15 PM – 2:45 PM Session on Balance and Gait in Virtual Rehab
Chairs: Emily Keshner | Anouk Lamontange
(Paper 5. A Virtual Reality Four-Square Step Test for Quantifying Dynamic Balance Performance in People with Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness
Moshe M.H. Aharoni | Anat V. Lubetzky | Zhu Wang | Maya Goldman | Tal Krasovsky
(Paper 6. An Innovative Visuolocomotor Training Program for People on Waiting list for Vestibular Rehabilitation
Elizabeth Dannenbaum | Joyce Fung | Catherine Loo | Romina Perrotti | Ruth Posthuma | Aselin Jiunn Weng | Xia Ting Yang
(Paper 7. Head Mounted Display Application for Contextual Sensory Integration Training: Design, Implementation, Challenges and Patient Outcomes
Anat Lubetzky | Jennifer Kelly | Zhu Wang | Makan Taghavidilamani | Marta Gospodarek | Gene Fu | Erin Kuchlewski | Bryan Hujsak
(Paper 8. Is the Room Moving? Muscle Responses following Visual Perturbations
Desiderio Cano Porras | Jesse V. Jacobs | Rivka Inzelberg | Ofer Keren | Gabriel Zeilig | Meir Plotnik
(Paper 9. The Effects of a Virtual Environment and Robot-Generated Haptic Forces on the Coordination of the Lower Limb During Gait in Chronic Stroke Using Planar and 3D Phase Diagrams
Gianluca Sorrento | Philippe Archambault | Joyce Fung
(Paper 10. Developing and Validating Virtual Reality Tool for the Evaluation of Cognitive and Physical Performance During Simulated Lengthy Field March
Shani Kimel Naor | Itay Ketko | Ran Yanovich | Amihai Gottlieb | Yotam Bahat | Oran Ben-Gal | Yuval Heled | Meir Plotnik
2:45 PM – 3:00 PM Fast Forward, Poster Session 1 – Balance, Gait, Gaming, Low-Cost Systems, BCI
Chair: Danielle Levac
 (Paper) 1. Processing Words in the Real World: A Protocol for Investigating the Dual-Task Costs of making Lexicality Judgements while Walking in Young and Older Adults
Nancy Azevedo | Gianluca U. Sorrento | Eva Kehayia | Gonia Jarema | Racheli Kizony | Joyce Fung
  (Paper) 2. Using Nintendo Wii Fit U to Enhance Balance Control of Community-dwelling Seniors
Alexandre Monte Campelo | Jawad Ali Hashim | Larry Katz
  (Paper) 3. Exergaming for Stroke Rehabilitation: Lessons Learned for Future Implementation Strategies
Marika Demers | Ai-Vi Nguyen | Yau-Lok Austin Ong | Cindy Xin Luo | Thiviya Thuraisingam | Michael Rubino | Mindy F. Levin | Franceen Kaizer | Philippe Archambault
  (Paper) 4. Objective but not Subjective Effect of Height in a Virtual Slack-Rope Balance Task
Orit Elion | Sharon Amster | Ayelet Werthimer
 (Paper)  5. Assessment of the Condition of Balance under the Influence of Training in a Virtual Environment: The Analysis of own Observations
Iryna Maryenko | Maryia Mozheiko | Sergey Likhachev | Mikhail Yurchenko | Nikita Susha | Artem Kachanovsky | Eugeniy Ivanitsky
  (Paper) 6. Virtual Self-Training of a Sensory Substitution Device for Blind Individuals
Galit Buchs | Benedetta Heimler | Menachem Kerem | Shachar Maidenbaum | Liraz Braun | Amir Amedi
  (Paper) 7. Standardized Experimental Estimation of the Maximum Unnoticeable Environmental Displacement during Eye Blinks for Redirect Walking in Virtual Reality
Adrian Borrego Gonzalez | Roberto Llorens | Belen Masia | Diego Gutierrez
  (Paper) 8. Design of a Haptic-Based Virtual Reality Evaluation of Discrimination of Touch and Vibration
Maya Levanovsky | Anna Bouzovkin | Hodaya Stern | Hodaya Dahan | Noa Bitan | Sigal Portnoy
  (Paper) 9. Usability of an Immersive Virtual Playground: Enjoyment, Authenticity, Effort and Cybersickness
Adina Houldin | Sarina Goldstand | Eynat Gal | Patrice L Tamar Weiss | Yotam Bahat | Doron Weiss | Adva Moran | Noa Yigal
  (Paper) 10. OpenVirtualObjects: An Open Set of Standardized and Validated 3D Household Objects for Virtual Reality-Based Research, Diagnostics, and Therapy
Johanne Tromp | Mert Akbal | Leonardo Poll | Stephan Krohn | Eva Quinque | Felix Klotzsche | Arno Villringer | Michael Gaebler
  (Paper) 11. The Topo-Speech Algorithm: An Intuitive Sensory Substitution for Spatial Information
Benedetta Heimler | Amir Shur | Ophir Netzer | Tomer Bechor | Amir Amedi
  (Paper) 12. Coproducing Virtual Reality Technologies for Rehabilitation
Dido Green | Shana Boltin | Aimee Ward | Francesca Gowing | Betty Hutchon
  (Paper) 13. Fully Portable Low-Cost Motion Capture System with Real-Time Feedback for Rehabilitation Treatment
Jacob Kritikos | Anxhelino Mehmeti | George Nikolaou | Dimitris Koutsouris
  (Paper) 14. On Multidisciplinary Teamwork in the Design of DailyCog for Evaluating Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) in Parkinson’s Disease
Ariella Richardson | Sara Rosenblum | Sharon Hassin-Baer
 (Paper)  14-2. Virtual Reality Training to Improve Upper Limb Motor Function in Multiple Sclerosis: A Feasibility Study Protocol
Omer Weissberger | Michael Levy | Lior Frid | Anat Ahiron
3:00 PM – 4:15PM Coffee & Dessert, Poster Session 1 – Balance, Gait, Gaming, Low-Cost Systems, BCI
4:15 PM – 5:30PM Demos – Health Professions Building, 2nd floor
Chairs: Sandeep Subramanian | Arie Melamed
5:30 PM Welcome Reception
Greetings: Patrice Tamar Weiss


Tuesday, July 23, 2019

8:30 AM – 9:30 AM Mentoring Breakfast – Health Professions Building, 2nd floor
Chairs: Wendy Powell |Vineet Johnson
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Keynote 2: Prof. Anat Mirelman
Chair: Rachel Kizony
  Virtual Reality – A Tool to Address Motor-Cognitive Interactions
Prof. Anat Mirelman | Director, Laboratory of Early Markers of Neurodegeneration (LEMON) Assoc. Director, Center for the Study of Movement, Cognition and Mobility (CMCM), Neurological Institute, Tel Aviv Medical Center Associate Professor, Sackler School of Medicine and Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Session on Cognitive and Psychological Considerations in Virtual Rehab
Chairs: Eveline Klinger | Naomi Josman
 (Paper) 11. Comparing Adaptive Cognitive Training in Virtual Reality and Paper-and-Pencil in a Sample of Stroke Patients
Ana Lúcia Faria | Teresa Paulino | Sergi Bermúdez i Badia
 (Paper) 12. Cognitive-Motor Interaction during Virtual Reality Trail Making
Oran Ben-Gal | Glen M. Doniger | Maya Cohen | Yotam Bahat | Gabi Zeilig | Michal Schnaider Beeri | Meir Plotnik
 (Paper) 13. Virtual Reality Therapy as Adjunct to Traditional Physical Therapy for a TBI Patient who Suffered a Gunshot Wound to the Head: Case Report
Lei Ma | Frank Tornetta Jr | William Egan | W. Geoffrey Wright
(Paper 14. The Efficacy of a Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Treatment for Fear of Flying: A Retrospective Study
Meir Plotnik | Amihai Gottleib | Yara Hussein | Glen M. Doniger | Shlomo Noy
12: 00 PM – 1:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM – 2:15 PM Session on Investigations Preceding Advanced Technology Adoption
Chairs: Gerry Fluet | Desiderio Cano Porras
 (Paper) 15. A Comparison of Virtual Reality and Active Video Game Usage, Attitudes and Learning Needs among Therapists in Canada and the US
Danielle Levac | Stephanie Glegg | Sujata Pradhan | Emily J. Fox | Debbie Espy | Emily Chicklis | Judith E. Deutsch
 (Paper) 16. Dissemination of Research in Virtual Reality-Based Rehabilitation: Journal Publication Profiles
Patrice Tamar Weiss | Daphne Raban | Dorit Geifman | Emily Keshner
 (Paper) 17. Spatial Memory Rehabilitation in Virtual Reality: Generalizing from Epilepsy Patients to the General Population
Shachar Maidenbaum | Ansh Patel | Elisabeth Stein | Joshua Jacobs
 (Paper) 18. How Reaching Kinematics Differ between a Low-Cost 2D Virtual Environment and
Marika Demers | Mindy F. Levin
 (Paper) 19. Standardizing Visual Rehabilitation using Simple Virtual Tests
Shachar Maidenbaum | Amir Amedi
2:15 PM – 2:30 PM Fast Forward, Poster Session 2 – Cognitive, Psychological, Pediatric
Chair: Debbie Rand
  (Paper) 15. Brain Rehabilitation Assessment and Intervention (BRAIN): Delivering Efficacious Training at Home
Harry Hallock | Amit Lampit | Joseph Kuchling | Carsten Finke
  (Paper) 16. Technology On-the-Go: Understanding the Risks of Mobile Phone use During Walking
Tal Krasovsky | Yasmin Felberbaum | Joel Lanir | Rachel Kizony
  (Paper) 17. Immersive Virtual Reality for the Assessment and Training of Spatial Memory: Feasibility in Neurological Patients
Julia Belger | Stephan Krohn | Carsten Finke | Johanne Tromp | Felix Klotzsche | Arno Villringer | Michael Gaebler | Paul Chojecki | Eva Quinque | Angelika Thöne-Otto
  (Paper) 18. Memory Evaluation Through 360 Technologies: Preliminary Study with Spanish Population
Sara Ventura | Eleonora Brivio | Giuseppe Riva | Rosa Baños
 (Paper)  19. A Cognitive Remediation using Virtual Reality and an Electrophysiological Marker of Attention for Promotion of Cognition and Everyday Functioning Among People with Psychotic Disorder: A Case Study
Lena Lipskaya-Velikovskya | Hana Taubneblatt | Ethar Welly | Reut Komemi
 (Paper)  20. The Feasibility of TECH: Tablet Enhancement of Cognition and Health, a Novel Cognitive Intervention for People with Mild Cognitive Impairment
Noa Givon Schaham | Inbal Elbo-Golan | Zvi Buckman | Shelley Sternberg | Debbie Rand
  (Paper) 21. Intentional, Accurate and Natural Object Placement in VR Based Cognitive Rehabilitation Tasks
Mykyta Kovalenko | Detlef Runde | Paul Chojecki | David Przewozny | Oliver Schreer
  (Paper) 22. Virtual City System for Cognitive Training in Elderly
Iveta Fajnerová | Adéla Plechatá | Václav Sahula | Jan Hrdlička | Jiří Wild
  (Paper) 23. The Modification and Development of a Simulator for Powered Mobility for Children
Naomi Gefen | Philippe Archambault | Patrice Tamar Weiss
  (Paper) 24. A systematic ComputerizedTraining Program for Using Sensory Substitution Devices in Real-Life
Ophir Netzer | Galit Buchs | Benedetta Heimler | Amir Amedi
  (Paper) 25. Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy in Patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Anna Francová | Barbora Darmová | Pavla Stopková | Jiřina Kosová | Iveta Fajnerová
  (Paper) 26. Reliability of the Empatica E4 Wristband to Measure Electrodermal Activity to Emotional Stimuli
Adrian Borrego Gonzalez | Jorge Latorre | Mariano Alcañiz Raya | Roberto Llorens
  (Paper) 27. Multidimensional Assessment of Virtual Reality Paradigms in Clinical Neuropsychology: The “VR-Check” Protocol
Stephan Krohn | Johanne Tromp | Eva Quinque | Julia Belger | Felix Klotzsche | Michael Gaebler | Angelika Thöne-Otto | Carsten Finke
  (Paper) 28. Integration Between Virtual-Reality and Video-Based Systems to Deliver Cognitive Tele-Rehabilitation; Three Case Studies
Sharon Harel | Rachel Kizony | Hadas Kfir | Yoram Feldman | Mordechai Shani
2:30 PM – 4:00 PM Coffee & Dessert, Poster Session 2 – Cognitive, Psychological, Pediatric
4:00 PM – 4:15 PM Early Career Award Presentation and Talk
Virtual Reality as a Russian Doll: Exploring the ‘Active Ingredients’ of Motor Learning and Transfer in Virtual Environments
Danielle Levac | Presenter: Patrice Tamar Weiss
4:15 PM – 5:15 PM Application of VR and Advanced Technology in Pediatric Populations
Chairs: Alma Merians | Mindy Levin
 (Paper) 20. Influence of Virtual Environment Complexity on Motor Learning in Typically Developing Children and Children with Cerebral Palsy
Danielle Levac | Morgan Taylor | Brennan Payne | Nathan Ward
 (Paper) 21. Adaptive VR-Based Rehabilitation to Prevent Deterioration in Adults with Cerebral Palsy
Belen R. Ballester | Anna Mura | Martina Maier | Laura Tobella-Pareja | Daniel Alfayate-Domingo | María Francisca Gimeno-Esteve | Angel Aguilar | Paul Verschure
 (Paper) 22. Personalization of an Intelligent Virtual Gaming System for Children with Cerebral Palsy
Sarit Tresser | Patrice Tamar Weiss | Tsvi Kuflik | Irina Levin
(Paper)  23. Programming Robotic Behavior by High-Functioning Autistic Children
Orly Lahav | Vadim Talis | Ravit Shekovitz
7:30 PM Gala Event | Riverside, 2 Sderot Rokach, Daniel Rowing Center, Tel-Aviv


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM Keynote 3: Dr. Goded Shahaf
Chair: Debbie Rand
  A Simple-to-use EEG Monitor of Patient Engagement for Enhanced Rehabilitation
Dr. Goded Shahaf | Reuth Research and Development Institute, Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel BrainMARC LTD
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Session on Virtual Rehab of the Upper Extremity – Part 1
Chairs: Ronit Fingold Polak | Melanie Benina
 (Paper) 24. Motor Learning by Cross Education in Hemi-Parkinson: A Neuroimaging Feasibility Study of the Effects of Virtual Mirrored Sensory Feedback
Ori Ossmy | Lihi Mansano | Silvi Frenkel-Toledo | Evgeny Kagan | Shiri Koren | Roee Gilron | Daniel Reznik | Nachum Soroker | Roy Mukamel
 (Paper) 25. Exercise Intensity is Increased during Upper Limb Movement Training using a Virtual Rehabilitation System
Melanie C. Banina | Roni Molad | John Solomon | Nachum Soroker | Sigal Berman | Dario G. Liebermann | Silvi Frenkel-Toledo | Mindy F. Levin
 (Paper) 26. Inter- and Intra-Hemispheric EEG Connectivity in Healthy Subjects and Chronic Stroke Survivors
Diego Andrés Blanco Mora | Sergi Bermúdez i Badia | Yuri Almeida | Carolina Jorge Vieira
 (Paper) 27. Autonomous use of the Home Virtual Rehabilitation System (HoVRS): A Feasibility and Pilot Study
Gerard Fluet | Qinyin Qiu | Jigna Patel | Amanda Cronce | Sergei Adamovich | Alma Merians
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM Coffee Break
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM Yes/No Debate: Will Virtual Rehab Replace Clinicians?
Moderator: Gerard Fluet
Debaters: Tal Krasovsky | W. Geoff Wright |Anat Lubetzky |Phillipe Archambault
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM Lunch
1:15 PM – 2:00 PM Industry Panel (More Info
Chair: Grigore Burdea | Speakers: Grigore Burdea |Sarit Tresser |Arie Burstin | Meir Plotnik
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Session on Virtual Rehab of the Upper Extremity – Part 2
Chairs: Judy Deutsch | Marika Demers
(Paper)  28. Novel Therapeutic Game Controller for Telerehabilitation of Spastic Hands: Two Case Studies
Grigore Burdea | Kevin Polistico | Nam-Hun Kim | Ashwin Kadaru | Doru Roll | Namrata Grampurohit | Am Barrett | Jenny Masmela | Emma Kaplan | Phalgun Nori | Simcha Pollack
(Paper)  29. Multi-Touch-Based Assessment of Hand Mobility and Dexterity. Preliminary Study of Validity, Reliability and Sensitivity to Upper Limb Impairment Severity in Individuals with Stroke
Roberto Llorens | Adrián Borrego González | Sara Mollà Casanova | Mariano Alcañiz Raya | Carolina Colomer | Enrique Noé | Jorge Latorre Grau
 (Paper) 30. Post-Stroke Upper Limb Rehabilitation using Virtual Reality Interventions: Do Outcome Measures used Assess Extent or Type of Motor Improvement?
Sandeep Subramanian | Mackenzie Cross | Cole Hirschhauser | Vineet Johnson | Timothy Reistetter
(Paper)  31. Upper Extremity Intervention for Stroke Combining Virtual Reality, Robotics and Electrical Stimulation
Philippe S. Archambault | Nahid Gheidari Norouzi | Dahlia Kairy | Mindy F. Levin | Marie-Hélène Milot | Katia Monte-Silva | Heidi Sveistrup | Michael Trivino
3:00 PM – 3:15 PM Fast Forward, Poster Session 3 – Motor Rehabilitation – Cognitive, Psychological, Pediatric
Chair: Maayan Agmon
  (Paper) 29. Crossing iVRoad: The Immersive VR Application for Detecting Unilateral Visuospatial Neglect in Right Hemisphere Poststroke Patients
Sebastian Wagner | Julia Belger | Bernhard Preim | Patrick Saalfeld
  (Paper) 30. Development of a Virtual Reality Toolkit to Enhance Community Walking after Stroke
Anouk Lamontagne | Andréanne Blanchette | Joyce Fung | Bradford James McFadyen | Samir Sangani | Nicolas Robitaille | Anne Deblock-Bellamy | Marco Antonio Buhler | Claire Perez | Anita Menon
  (Paper) 31. Effects of Real-Time Visual Feedback in the Form of a Virtual Avatar on Symmetry and other Parameters of Gait Post Stroke
Le Yu Liu | Samir Sangani | Kara Patterson | Joyce Fung | Anouk Lamontagne
  (Paper) 32. Is the Downs and Black Scale a Better Tool to Appraise the Quality of the Studies using Virtual Rehabilitation for Post-Stroke upper Limb Rehabilitation?
Sandeep Subramanian | Sheena Caramba | Oscar Hernandez | Quenton Morgan | Mackenzie Cross | Cole Hirschhauser
 (Paper)  33. The Impact of a Hand Training Programme in Chronic Stroke Survivors: A Qualitative Analysis of Participant Perceived Benefits
Bronte Vollebregt | Kirsti Reinikka | Daniel Vasiliu | Andrea Pepe | Shreya S. Prasanna | Anshul Jain | Jane Lawrence-Dewar | Vineet B.K. Johnson
  (Paper) 34. A Virtual Reality-Based Training System for Error-Augmented Treatment in Patients with Stroke
Lily Sror | Michal Vered | Iuly Treger | Shelly Levy-Tzedek | Mindy F. Levin | Sigal Berman
  (Paper) 35. Remote Rehabilitation Training using the Combination of an Exergame and Telerehabilitation Application: A Case Report of an Elderly Chronic Stroke Survivor
Dorra Rakia Allegue | Dahlia Kairy | Johanne Higgins | Philippe Archambault | Francois Michaud | William Miller | Shane Norman Sweet | Michel Tousignant
 (Paper)  36. Assessing Spatial Navigation in Seniors and Clinical Settings: Stepwise Progression from Real-World to VR
Sophia Rekers | Carsten Finke
  (Paper) 37. Observation of an Expert Model Induces a Coarticulated Drawing Movement Pattern in a Single Session
Maria Korman | Jason Friedman
  (Paper) 38. Improving Wheelchair Driving Performance in a Virtual Reality Simulator
Philippe S. Archambault | Catherine Bigras
 (Paper)  39. Experience with Head-Mounted Virtual Reality (HMD-VR) Predicts Transfer of HMD-VR Motor Skills
Julia Juliano | David Saldana | Allie Schmiesing | Sook-Lei Liew
  (Paper) 40. Two Case Studies of Virtual Reality Therapy Effect on CRPS Patients in Occupational Therapy out Patient Clinic
Uty H. Ostrei | Revital Uzan | Omer Weissberger | Ettie Rozenberg-Rothschild
  (Paper) 41. Multimodal Brain-Computer Interface Based on Artificial Intelligence
Konstantin Sonkin | Yoav Zamir | Jason Friedman
  (Paper) 42. Use of Virtual Reality in Musculoskeletal Conditions – Examining the Evidence
Shreya Prasanna | Christopher Pate | Christopher Goodart | Sandeep Subramanian
 (Paper)  43. Evaluation of Touch Technology for the Aging Population
Michal Elboim Gabyzon | Lorenzo Chiari | Shlomi Laufer | Mattia Corzani | Alexandra Danial-Saad
3:15 PM – 4:15 PM Coffee & Dessert, Poster Session 3 – Motor Rehabilitation – Cognitive, Psychological, Pediatric
4:15 PM – 4:30 PM Awards Ceremony and Closing Remarks
Chairs: Alma Merians | Wendy Powell | Rachel Kizony | Debbie Rand