General Program

ICVR Program:

All times in Eastern Standard Time, EST

-3 Pacific Standard Time, PST (North America)

-1 Central Standard Time, CST (North America)

+5 Universal Time, UTC (Europe)

+7 Israel Standard Time, IST

Wednesday July 14, 2021

10:00AM     Opening Conference Announcements

10:30AM     Keynote: Brad McFadyen – “How our environment moves us: anticipatory locomotor adjustments and the role of immersive technology to study, evaluate and train them”

11:30AM     Break

11:45AM     Symposium 1:  The use of virtual reality and associated technologies for enhanced ecological validity in neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation

1:30PM        Break

1:45PM        Symposium 2:  Developing Immersive Vestibular Rehabilitation Tools:  Hardware Comparison, Software   Refinement, and Lessons Learned

3:30PM        Closing Daily Announcements

Thursday July 15, 2021

10:00AM     Opening Daily Announcements

10:15AM     Symposium 3: High time for “high-level” tests in VR: Developments of integrative multimodal VR assessments

12:00PM      Break

12:30PM      Keynote: Judy Pa – “Using Virtual Reality to Promote Brain Health in Older Adults”

1:30PM        Break

1:45PM        Virtual Poster Session (10 minute break 2:25-2:35pm)

3:15PM        Symposium 4: Untangling Virtual Reality and Video Game Definitions: Discussion of Unifying Terminology

5:00PM        End of day

Friday July 16, 2021

8:30AM       Symposium 5: Adoption of technology-based clinical assessment and intervention: Implications for achieving greater clinical acceptance and influencing healthcare policy

10:15AM     Break

10:30AM     Keynote: Philippe Archambault – “Virtual reality for wheelchair skill training”

11:30AM     Awards and Closing Remarks (End by 12noon EST)